AV Program


The AV Program is a detailed document written by a subject matter expert. In short it is a detailed “Statement of Requirements,” a comprehensive document detailing the project at hand in as much detail as possible.

The AV Program results from a procedure of developing and collecting user requirements, and then collating and refining those requirements to produce the program document. The AV Program goes through many revisions until a consensus is reached by all interested parties and formal approval from the client is given to proceed.

Developing and creating the AV Program is usually the most difficult and time consuming part of the process. Justifying the diverse and occasionally conflicting requirements of different users can be an arduous task potentially requiring many hours of meetings, and several rounds of diplomatic negotiations.

It is imperative to detail as much information as possible in the AV Program. Doing so helps eliminate scope creep and significantly reduce the number change orders. It serves as a charter for the business units involved and as a written reminder of project objectives and budget requirements. It is also important to understand important project milestones, risks and constraints and document them thoroughly.

The AV Program contains the following information:

  • The identification of the range of capabilities and technologies the facility should accommodate
  • Inventory list for new equipment for purchasing
  • A phased approach for purchasing – DAY 1 needs versus fully operational needs
  • A list of requirements for DAY 1 operation
  • A thorough list of requirements for full building operation with proposed dates
  • An operations requirement list for facilities
  • The identification of  “in service” equipment that should be installed initially, for use on Day 1.
  • An equipment move schedule
  • A list of equipment maintenance considerations before and after installation

The AV Program can also be used to assess labor, permit and other additional costs for building operation.

Once a full schedule has been received from the general contractor, then the AV Progra could also be used to assess integration and operational readiness timelines.