What is does an audio visual consultant do? What skills do they bring to the table? Take a moment to read the following descriptions.

 Description detail: The AV Consultant   Description detail: AudioVisual Integrator  Description detail: AV Program 

Clients who want the best possible outcome might consider assembling a team:

  • Led by a Media Technology Architect who can provide the necessary thought leadership to the client team
  • A pure AV consultant to aid in the detailed architectural design process and work with the architect
  • A systems integrator to design and implement the systems.


AVSDI can provide technology design and various consulting services to facilities and management divisions, architecture and engineering firms, IT directors and project developers.

Selecting AVSDI means you can expect quality, experience and innovation.

AVSDI has vast design experience and the industry knowledge to ensure your project is delivered on time, within budget and to the quality standards you require. Our designs are meticulously thought through, taking into consideration scalability for future capabilities and flexibility to add emerging technologies.

From small projects to large complex ones, from the initial planning stages to the execution of design,  AVSDI is committed to providing the most comprehensive technology approach in the industry.