Integration Services



AVSDI Integration Services

Audio-Visual installations should be forwards, sideways and backwards compatible, future proofed, and take into consideration the “anything in, anything out” scenarios.

In order to achieve results, you need a partner who can implement a plan that considers your current and future processes, objectives and investments, as well as a good understanding of your strategic growth.

AVSDI takes the time to understand all of the above processes and formulates a solution that fits into the bigger picture. We closely work with industry experts and our customers to ensure we meet their objectives.

AVSDI has partnerships with industry experts and skilled trade organizations that can accommodate any of your integration service needs.

AVSDI provides our clients with a variety of integration service solutions such as:

      Project Planning
      Project Program
      Project Scope Documents and Requirements
      Project RFP’s and Bidding Documents
      Project Management Processes
      Purchase and Procurement Schedules
      Systems Design Engineering
      Architecture Markup Drawings
      Building Punchlist Documentation
      Low Voltage Audio-Visual drawing Packages
      As-Built Drawing Packages
      Custom Furniture and Equipment Drawings
      Project and Program Management
      Project Dcumentation and Version Control