Privacy & Non-Disclosure


Here at AVSDI we wish we could boast about our client list, but if we did, then that would not honor our commitment to our Clients Privacy or our NDA’s. (Non-Disclosure Agreements)

AVSDI routinely enters into Non-Disclosure Agreements for the benefit of clients requesting such agreements. AVSDI also takes our commitment to Client’s privacy and NDA’s very seriously indeed. We strongly believe our customers and clients value such commitments.

It is our earnest intention to stand up for our stated beliefs, ever committed to non-disclosure of any and all private information. And it is our explicit intention to allow you, as a client of AVSDI, as much privacy and control as possible over your personal and corporate information.

AVSDI never sells, rents, trades, or in any way knowingly reveals any information about our clients or their business unless specifically requested by that same client. In general, information that we ask for is always limited to the scope of a project we are involved with. Any and all information received is used only to facilitate the completion of a successful project.

As a client of AVSDI, your Company and private information is protected against unauthorized access by means of strict procedures and policies. AVSDI is committed to safeguarding information as securely as possible. All project data is kept on secured local encrypted drives, with the exception of web services, absolutely no information is stored on any of our servers.