Professional Services


proAVSDI works closely with your team in a collaborative partnership to define goals and create solutions to improve the productivity of your company. AVSDI’s joint partnerships and resources give years of valuable knowledge and understand how technology can help organizations improve. AVSDI prides itself in being able to provide clients with a full spectrum technology service. The overview below represents a synopsis of our key services.

designconsultAVSDI can help you discover innovative technical solutions for designing and constructing anything from small projects, to complex AV systems.

AVSDI provides clients with the ability to request nominal consulting services or complete design and engineering services.



sysintSome clients do not require integration services of our design. Instead, they opt to utilize their own “in house” departments that have a unique knowledge base of the project at hand.

AVSDI will collaborate with your team, and has established partnerships with reputable audio-visual system integrators who we are happy to both recommend and work with.


posYou can control inventory right at the cash register with a point-of-sale (POS) software system. POS software records each sale when it happens, so your inventory records are always up-to-date. You get much more information about the sale than you could gather with a manual system. By running reports based on this information, you can make better decisions about ordering and merchandising.



cadAVSDI has vast experience in every aspect of CAD operations offering the highest standards of flexibility and service.

We specialize in low voltage audio visual signal flow and machine room elevations. Our drafting services extend to building services (M&E), consultants and electrical contractors.


ArchitecturalAVSDI excels in working directly with architects, partnering with leading architects both in the US and Europe.

We successfully navigate through architectural documentation requirements and nurture a rapport between the architect, sub-contractors and clients.


sopEvery company has documented operational processes. These “How To” books are more commonly known as a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

AVSDI can assist you in writing these critical technical documents which help with maximum safety and operational efficiency for organization.


MEDIA UNIFICATIONIn the audio visual industry and post production world, we are all familiar with the terminology of “any media in, any media out.”

In today’s digital world, achieving those results should be easy, right? Let AVSDI the headache out of your next design.

engandpmAVSDI’s engineering and project management services will handle any size projects from concept through to completion.

Our projects are professionally managed by experienced personnel who understand all aspects of the production process and are meticulous with detail and management.


digsignWhere there is an audience, there is a way to deliver a message in this dynamic new format.

Networked video displays give new life to static menu boards, retail promotions, way-finding, corporate communications, and campus events. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


webservicesA professionally designed website sets the tone for your company, and establishes trust with your audience. Most importantly, the level of design on your website establishes the perceived value of your product or service.
A small investment in design, can be one of the best investments your company will make.

controlsystemdesignAVSDI can put you in complete command of virtually any appliance, device or technology in your home, work or wherever a signal can be received.

Moreover you can retain the same level of control from a half-a-world away using your laptop, iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device.


automationDo you have a project that requires automation programming only? We provide automation for commercial and residential applications.

Our skilled programming staff are proficient in many automation languages, such as Extron, AMX, Crestron’s SIMPLWindows and SIMPL+.

AVSDI also offers programming services for some Animatronics and robotic systems.

CustomIn the engineering industry challenges are a constant reality.  AVSDI has a history of custom engineered innovative approaches to succeed at the most challenging projects.

We can help you achieve the impossible.




At AVSDI we wish we could boast about our client list, but if we did, then that would not honor our commitment to our Client’s Privacy or our NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements).

We value these commitments to the highest degree, so much so that we believe this commitment should be featured on our overview page.